On a mission

I have been job hunting and career hunting like a crazy lady, I have been true to my pursuit of “there’s something better out there”. Nothing has been fruitful as yet; however it has not dampened my spirits. I know there is something out there, whether it takes me a few weeks or a few months, i’m going to keep on searching, searching till I find that ‘perfect job’.

The downside to this at the moment is I am analysing everything. Every. Single. Thing. And it’s actually really frustrating me. Yep, that’s right I’m annoying myself.  I hear an add on the radio and I’m thinking to myself,” I wonder if I want to work in radio, I wonder what kind of radio, would I like to be a host or a assistant or..”. Then I see someone drive past me with their own business name scrawled on their car panels, and I’m thinking “I wonder if I should start a home business, what will I call it, I wonder if that names taken”.. And so it goes on and on.

I just can’t seem to switch off from it, which in one way it’s great, as it means I am not being complacent in my pursuit, but it also means, I’m constantly exhausting myself thinking of every little thing and scenario and job possibility.

Maybe I should start looking outside the box, I am yet to consider such things as Lion tamer, Play School presenter, abseiling window cleaner, the list really does go on…..

What would be your ideal job?

Be it extravagant, real life or just something you’ve always dreamed of.

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