Taking a leap of sorts.

Beautiful Blue Wren I snapped in Daylesford,                                                                          after this photo – he took a leap, back into the great unknown.

Sometimes stability and a safety net isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if your not happy. Sometimes knowing at the end of the month you will have money and you will be able to pay your bills isn’t everything if your not happy. Granted, its what majority of us want and need but in my case this is not my everything right now, because I’m not happy.. I want to be happy everyday leading UP to pay day, not just on the day itself; I want to wake up every morning with a smile on my dial excited to be alive and happy to see the sunshine. Lately this isn’t happening, lately I find myself more often than not ready to burst into tears when my alarm goes off. Not exactly an idea situation. My job is just mundane and boring and I am not learning anything new anymore, nor am I giving anything back to society. I’m just a number in a line of people, a number I don’t want to be anymore.

Thing is, I have been saying this for a while and I have been looking at other jobs and I even got offered a role the other week but it was for a lesser role in a smaller company with a drop in pay. Now, money isn’t everything but I am not stupid, I have said to myself that when I am moving on from this job, as hideous as I find it, it will be for a step up in the corporate ladder. Not sideways or down.

So, instead of talking about it, and whinging about it and making myself more miserable, what I have been doing the past week is putting myself out there, I have been calling on all my contacts within the business and the companies we work with, I have been sticking my neck out, telling them what I’m interested in and telling them what I am good at etc etc (this may have included me putting ‘yoddling’ down as one of my point forms… eye catching yes?) . Because let’s face it, sitting there whinging isn’t going to get me anywhere fast. It’s time to take a leap.

I’m not sure as yet what my ideal life job is, maybe I don’t have one, and maybe I am destined to roam and take a few jobs and learn some new skills and sway between here and Switzerland and just be a nomad. So, right now, although none of these jobs are my minds “ideal” jobs, they are good jobs and they are seemingly interesting, and while I’m still trying to figure out if there is an ideal job out there for me, I’m just going to go with the flow. Keep putting myself out there and applying and keep believing that I am doing what I am meant to be doing and to be content with that.

J and I are going to be here for at least another year or so definitely so I really want to find a job that makes me shine and makes me feel like I am making a difference. One which doesn’t make me feel like I want to slam my face into my bed post every.single.morning when my alarm goes off. That’s fair, right ?

So today I am calling on all those prayers, thoughts, angels, good vibe type wishes that my emu necking is going to get me somewhere and that I will get a job that can teach me some new things and maybe a few life lessons, coz’ i’ve got loads of room for those! Oh and maybe something that will pop a smile on my dial!

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll !

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