Picture This

This is where I get to show off my amateur amazing photography skills.. Just getting into the glorious world of the DSLR with my first Canon 600D. I am by no means a pro but maybe one day!! We can all dream right ?!
I may also chuck in some sneaky iPhone shots, because lets be honest, some times those lil things catch a cracker shot!!! Enjoy x

June 2012 – Iphone










THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM – 30.06.12 Chelsea Beach Vic.

4 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Nice work! I love photographing the beach at his time of day! Can I be up front and ask what the settings were on the photos? 🙂 Sorry self confessed photo nerd. 😉 x

    • Yes, its not hard when you have such amazing scenery in front of you. Honestly for these ones Its on AUTO ha ha because I was about to pull out the bigger lens and play with settings BUT the rain was closely in coming so I just snapped snapped snapped and ran ! x

    • Woman have totally forgot to update this!! I’ve taken a million since this!! My bad for not updating! But I was still stoked with the shots and color of the beach ones!! Will post more shortly x

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