A new mother is.

So this is going to be short and sweet.. Oh so sweet!

I’m not really in the post writing frame of mind, might have something to do with the miniature albeit seemingly grand rock concert that’s been playing out in my head since about 2pm this afternoon. You know one of those shockers that has your squinting at the computer screen and wanting to sit in absolute silence with a lavender swab splayed over your face. Yeah, that’s happening.

But I did have to share just one picture of my beautiful friend and her most angelic new little boy. N.M.R. who was born Friday morning and is just divine, he is the epitome of pure sweetness. Just simply being in the presence of someone so new, someone so small and fragile and innocent was completely overwhelming, but in a good way. I can not wait to be a part of his introduction into this crazy beautiful world. To see him grow and shine and be as awesome as his mother and father and older brother all rolled into one, that’s going to be something. He is going to one fabulous little guy.

There is nothing so amazing as to watch my friend with her little boy, I could sit and watch them forever. The love, the awe, the bond that has been blossoming over 9 months and then he is here, in her arms and she doesn’t even have to utter one word to express how in complete and utter love she is. If nothing ever warms your heart, this vision should.

Welcome to the world beautiful boy, I can not wait to show you around xx

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Physical Physical I want to get PHYSICAL.. I think.

I hope everyone now has that song in their head the same as had all weekend!! Suckers!

On Saturday morning I was  having a nice twitter conversation with some lovely ladies, which somehow turned from reading books to ‘Planking’ and how one very crazy little lady *ahemcoughyouLyndalcough* is quite partial to the odd ‘plank’.

                                    No this kind!

Now before you get ahead of yourself, this isn’t planking in the form of laying horizontal on top of a giant M for McDonalds sign or strewn across the front of a Mack Truck. This is the fitness plank we are on about, the one where the Mr Fitness Guy/Gal makes you perch on your toes and your elbows until you feel like you are about to die in about 60 second increments. Subsequently the next day, you continue this feeling and try to refrain from smiling, coughing, loud talking or any kind of activity that may put some stretch on your abs. Because it damn well HURTS!

                         This kind!

While we all agree here Lyndal is quite possibly ‘cray cray’ this brought me to the fact that this lil lady must be some sort of super fit, to enjoy to any extent doing a ‘plank’. This then brought me to my next thought which was, I want to be plank crazy TOO, I want to make people cringe at the thought I actually would love to plank, that I’m so into planking, you won’t recognise me if I’m NOT PLANKING.. ok ok, might have gone slightly overboard, but I think you get it. I want to be CRAY CRAY too.

I’ve read people clocking in their running miles a lot lately too and I am jealous, but at the same time, I’m reading them while popping a Cheezel into my trap, so it’s a bit of a catch 22. To give up the Cheezel or to be a planking/running/fitness goddess, tough choice.

But…I want to get fit ya’ll.

So, although I won’t be going all gung ho about it, I am going to start building myself up, I’m going to dust off my sneakers that seemed to have magically stuffed themself to the far end of my closest (honest no idea how, they just needed a ‘nap’ I guess) and put on my fave Bonds jogging pants and sloppy joe hoodie and I’m set.

The weather is warming up, which is going to help immensely, I’m not a fan at ALL of freezing my caboose off in the name of Le Arse Irresistible, so I didn’t and I won’t. But when that chill has blown back to the north pole, I will be hitting that asphalt like no mans business, whether it be taking a stroll with my man to and along the beach to watch the sunset or doing the evening jog past the football oval (because the bright lights make things less spooky), i’m gunna DO IT!

I’m less of a gym kinda gal and more of a walk, jog run solo kinda gal, so that’s where I will begin. Follow me, keep me accountable but please don’t yell if I pause for a Cheezel every now and then.

And PLANK on people PLANK ON.

        Not sponsored –                            I just HEART Cheezels

Taking a leap of sorts.

Beautiful Blue Wren I snapped in Daylesford,                                                                          after this photo – he took a leap, back into the great unknown.

Sometimes stability and a safety net isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if your not happy. Sometimes knowing at the end of the month you will have money and you will be able to pay your bills isn’t everything if your not happy. Granted, its what majority of us want and need but in my case this is not my everything right now, because I’m not happy.. I want to be happy everyday leading UP to pay day, not just on the day itself; I want to wake up every morning with a smile on my dial excited to be alive and happy to see the sunshine. Lately this isn’t happening, lately I find myself more often than not ready to burst into tears when my alarm goes off. Not exactly an idea situation. My job is just mundane and boring and I am not learning anything new anymore, nor am I giving anything back to society. I’m just a number in a line of people, a number I don’t want to be anymore.

Thing is, I have been saying this for a while and I have been looking at other jobs and I even got offered a role the other week but it was for a lesser role in a smaller company with a drop in pay. Now, money isn’t everything but I am not stupid, I have said to myself that when I am moving on from this job, as hideous as I find it, it will be for a step up in the corporate ladder. Not sideways or down.

So, instead of talking about it, and whinging about it and making myself more miserable, what I have been doing the past week is putting myself out there, I have been calling on all my contacts within the business and the companies we work with, I have been sticking my neck out, telling them what I’m interested in and telling them what I am good at etc etc (this may have included me putting ‘yoddling’ down as one of my point forms… eye catching yes?) . Because let’s face it, sitting there whinging isn’t going to get me anywhere fast. It’s time to take a leap.

I’m not sure as yet what my ideal life job is, maybe I don’t have one, and maybe I am destined to roam and take a few jobs and learn some new skills and sway between here and Switzerland and just be a nomad. So, right now, although none of these jobs are my minds “ideal” jobs, they are good jobs and they are seemingly interesting, and while I’m still trying to figure out if there is an ideal job out there for me, I’m just going to go with the flow. Keep putting myself out there and applying and keep believing that I am doing what I am meant to be doing and to be content with that.

J and I are going to be here for at least another year or so definitely so I really want to find a job that makes me shine and makes me feel like I am making a difference. One which doesn’t make me feel like I want to slam my face into my bed post every.single.morning when my alarm goes off. That’s fair, right ?

So today I am calling on all those prayers, thoughts, angels, good vibe type wishes that my emu necking is going to get me somewhere and that I will get a job that can teach me some new things and maybe a few life lessons, coz’ i’ve got loads of room for those! Oh and maybe something that will pop a smile on my dial!

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll !

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The ACTUAL dreams I have

I’ve always been a bit of a crazy dreamer – as in the actual, lay head down on pillow,cruise past the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages of sleep and slip into the ole REM and wait for the images and scenarios to appear type dreams.

I remember at high school the girls in my group used to ask many a morning “Meagan, what was it last night, what did you dream of”. It became a bit or a morning show and tell – or rather vision and tell. I walked them through my dreams. I could/can more often that not remember smells in the air, colours of clothing, hair, eyes, I can describe my surrounds in fine detail. As soon as I start telling it, every details floods back into my mind.

I have always loved dreaming – it’s a bit of an escape for me – its just this other world that I have. That may seem rather odd, but wait till I tell you why…

Not only can I remember every detail, I can LUCID dream – and this happens A LOT.

Now what this means for me is – I can chose to do what I want in a dream, I can rarely pick the place that I am but I can always do what I want within whatever scenario appears in front of me.

Sometimes I’m dropped into these whack situations where I am being chased by a complete nut job trying to hack me into pieces with an axe – but I know its happening and I can RUN and I can JUMP and I can go faster than you can imagine. And I know I’m dreaming – so I just roll with it and try to get away.

Sometimes I am put on an island surrounded by sand and palm trees and beautiful aqua water – and I just go for a swim and laze around hoping I don’t wake up too soon.

When I was young I always remember wanting to be able to back flip, some of my friends at school could do this and I was always so envious but, try as a might, I could never master this. So when I found out I could lucid dream, guess what I did everywhere I was.. that’s right. I BACK FLIPPED. Every. Single. Night. No matter where I was. This was pretty awesome for me and which led me to the thought that surely after doing it so many squillions of times in my dreams, I could definitely master this in real life. Well, guess again. I was/am sill as unco as ever.

I’m yet to master being able to change the place I am though, surely this should come to me as I get older as a prize for always being the “crazy girl who can flip everywhere she goes and relay the finest details of her dreams”.. that would be ULTIMATE!

Last night I dreamt I was on some sort of space battleship with a group of people and it was some crazy outer space version of “The Hunger Games” in which we all had to ‘blast’ one another with our super charged space lasers. Trust me, I’m thinking “what the” as much as you are.

We all had this common area where we went for lunch and no one could hurt anyone and then straight after lunch BANG, back into the game.

I remember the ship going upside down and I could see the sun blazing in the far distance, this giant fiery ball and I remember how it looked and I was thinking WOW that’s pretty neat. Ha ha, completely random? Yes, I concur!

There is a downfall to all this dreaming business though – I’m always TIRED, mentally. Now this may be coincidence but I honestly feel it’s due to the fact I am so active in my mind of the night. Constantly on the go, running from baddies, sipping piña coladas on the beach. Its tough you know.

C’est la vie though, I love my dream world!

Do you remember your dreams?

Any suggestions on what I might be able to try in my next Lucid dream?

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