What time is it you ask ? OH, its RANT O’CLOCK !

I feel that I’ve come to this cross path in my life where I just can not any longer stand STUPIDITY. I mean, my job involves dealing with a lot of stupid people and I think I have done reasonably well for the past 2 years in tolerating it.

People who I come into contact with who leave me with the feeling of ‘No really, how in the world did you get a job, let alone a job in HR or Accounts or whatever..Because you don’t even posses basic intelligence’, they are making me mad, and making me question the state of our humanity.

I may be coming across harsh and for that I apologise, but I just don’t think you understand. I’m really not being offensive to the greater population (well maybe I am, but I AM sorry) I’m not saying you have to be super smart Stephen Hawkins style in anything, just don’t be STUPID about it.

I work in a technical environment and I am basically the least technical person there, but I am not stupid. If I don’t know something technical that crops up on my scene I will read up on it, I will query someone on it. I won’t just sit on my caboose pretending I will never need to know that again or just being plain naive about it.

What I witness here day in and day out is just that. People blatantly forgetting they have something lodged between their ears, they basically just want to be spoon fed everything, and that does not bode well with me.

Let’s take for instance;

Subject A)
Now, this guy sat on HOLD for over 35minutes the other day, So while I was dealing with other things I thought, holy heck, the world MUST have blown up, else why would this guy still be waiting for me to get to him. Once I got to him, I can’t explain to you my exasperation when he asked the question “How do I mark all my emails as READ in my inbox”……
Me (through gritted teeth): “You right click on your inbox and “mark All as read”
Him: “OH right, sure, that was easy, thanks”

I’m sure that did not warrant 35 minutes on hold, I’m sure that didn’t warrant making me feel like something massively catastrophic had happened, and I’m sure as hell SURE that didn’t warrant him NOT looking outside the box and or opening a Google page if he really was that LOST! Plain stupidity at its finest.
I could go on about work but I feel the next half change in topic is warranted.

Subject B)
Now, this a few of you would be familiar with, its stupidity of a different sense.. The sense where people post stupid irrelevant, horrid, non thought through, dim witted ANNONYMOUS comments on your blog.. More often than not distasteful and full of rubbish they have generally just made up on the spot without giving any thought of human decency and what repercussions this can sometimes have!

Now we leave our blogs open to these kind of things, as in anonymous comments. But I personally leave this open and always have on all my blogs because some people don’t have blogs but still want to read and should be able to comment thoughtfully and properly on said blog. However, It just never ceases to amaze me that someone can be bothered writing a hate post. How about you don’t bother reading?. How about as soon as you get to the point in the post that you don’t like, you leave! This isn’t rocket science folks.. there is a cross on the top right hand side of most browsers…

People put their heart on their sleeve when they write posts; it’s their space, their little piece of the world that they are delicately choosing to share with people. Don’t go making it a place of bullying any further. We are all humans, all just wanting to get our voice out there, without being hated on. So.. with that said KEEP YOUR NASTY HATER COMMENTS TO YOURSELF FOOLS!

I’m thinking of starting a MANIC MONDAY link up day, where we forget all the lovey bits and pieces and get our RANT on just like this post, because it IS Monday after all, most hideous day of the week.. things only go up from here! With me? Or against me ?


Roller-coasters and snowballs.

One of a million amazing views heading to Grand-St-Bernard. Switzerland.

So this week I was planning to do a Switzerland photo mash up post, to highlight my time over there and give more of an insight into Ma Vie Suisse.. However, I only have about 10 million photos, and what I once thought might have taken me only an hour to go through and select my favourite top 10, seeeeeeems it may possibly take about… 10 years. Roughly.

So that is going to have to wait for another time.

What I will touch on however is all the emotions that have just come flooding back, merely by browsing over a few folders of pics. “My first week in France” “My first impressions of Swiss” “My suprise Birthday pary by Lake Geneva”, “When Mum visited Switzerland”… and so they go on.

I have basically just been on a rollercoaster the past 1.5 hours. From the highs I felt while tobogganing down a ski run in the middle of the night celebrating my best friend’s birthday, to the pain and anger I felt at being taken for granted from an employer after giving my heart and soul to them and their family.

I love photos though, for those exact reasons. They can pull at your heart strings and emotions in just one glance. That can make you feel a lifetime of emotions. You can instantly been taken back to that exact time and place and just in that one moment, you are back there again, flying down that mountain, squealing with excitement and a little bit of fear knowing that one foul move or one little rocky bit of ice and you are straight over the edge…
(NB: I did go over the edge, however, no damage was done and the night was not tarnished one iota.. and I laughed.. oh boy did I laugh.)

It’s going to be such a challenge for me to pick some of those photos to sum up my life in Switzerland, but I will definitely be putting myself to the challenge. It will be a good start to choosing 50 to make a photo book out of.

In the meantime, I will take the next few days browsing in and out of photos, attempting to narrow down.

Wish me luck.

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Forever a lover of . . .

I love meeting new people, like no joke, LOVE it.

I love the listening to new stories and hearing about other worlds that are not so familiar to me/mine.

I love new people’s stories and journeys and how said person has got to be where they are today.

Everyone has an amazing story, something to offer to the table and it’s always a breath of fresh air for me to listen to them. Not in a sticky nose way, don’t get me wrong here. Its more, I really love hearing about the big moments in people’s lives just as much as the small ones. I love knowing what makes people tick, what makes them love and hate and what they do love and hate..It makes me think and really opens my eyes to the fact there is always so much more going on outside my little bubble.

This is possibly another reason for why I love blogging and reading blogs. I love being able to share my stories to some who have never heard and I love to read stories of those I have yet to as yet.

In life generally, we pick people who are similar to us and who we share things in common with. But I really enjoy hearing about things I myself may not actually experience or have yet to experience or will not have the guts to put myself out there enough to experience them.

I  did meet some really cool new folks this weekend and it really got me thinking, and obviously inspired this blog post. The all had some really unique stories to tell and I found myself glued to a seat just listening and begging them to go on.

So reading and talking and listening are my favourite things to do, peoples stories inspire me daily, not always because they may have hit some ultimate high, but even the lows inspire me, and change my perspectives and help shape who I am. So thank you to all I have met and to all I’m yet to meet. Your stories are important to me.

Tell me something random about yourself?  Let’s open the flood gates. I’m so excited!

I gots me some winter blues darlin’ and I don’t know how to shake em’

ImageIts official…I’m developing the SAD’s (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

I’m not coping with this cold weather, and it’s not even into the thick of it!

It’s like this draining vortex (completely not over exaggerating)  that’s sucking the life out of me.. already.

As much fun as it is to laze in bed on a cold miserable day with my heat bag (lil hottie) and read a book, there comes a point where one gets over it (well I know I sure do). And all I want to do is run around outside skipping in the sunshine and feel the heat penetrate my skin.

Well, let me tell you.. this isn’t happening of late.. due to lack of.. His Royal Highness – Mr VIT D.

Melbourne winter weather is in a category of its own… actually it’s not unlike winter in London… It doesn’t look beautiful with its dark face, it doesn’t snow.. it’s just miserable and drab… and it’s enough to make us all run around in a depressive stupor,

If it was snowing, this would be a different situation. I could handle Switzerland in the bleak winter months, because, snow makes things pretty, it makes things sparkle.. it makes those long cold months seem kind of magical – this is far from the case in good ole’ Melbourne town, no sir e.

The lack of vitamin D is going to make me lose my mind, of this I am sure.,

The one thing that is still working for me right now, is that I have managed to go for a stroll (I would like to say jog) along the beach the past few nights.. Albeit cold, the view of the sun shining over the horizon and then the inevitable plunge into the sea has been absolutely breathtaking… I have always thought the sun sets were definitely a lot more spectacular in the winter at the beach when the clouds and the different colours are dancing over the waves… it gives it a different kind of depth that the summer just cannot produce.

So although Melbourne is planning to get down and dirty with me this winter, I will try and look to things such as the beautiful sunset over the ocean to pep me up and cure my sure fire case of the SADs.

Doesn’t it just make you want to beg it to stay forever??


Ain’t nothing gonna’ break my stride..

Five years ago…

My life and my journey all seemed to take off dramatically when the decision was made between my two best friends and me to travel overseas.

We decided to do the whole cliché move to London shebang, with a pit stop in Thailand for a few weeks to head back to the grass roots of it all before throwing ourselves into the hustle and bustle of London living.

“Our” Journey turned sour reasonably early on (Thailand) with lots of home truths sprouting their way out of my two so called best friends. I sat back and watched them both contort into two complete monsters, leaving nothing left of the former them I knew and loved.
This went on for a few more gruesome weeks before anything changed; I didn’t have the strength and guts before this time to take the step that I knew needed to be taken. After a few more hardships and fights and many tears shed I took the plunge and left.
By plunge I mean I bawled my eyes out till I had no more tears left and my mascara had 100% made it down to my neck and boarded a train for north England where I knew I had a friend I could turn to.

That was the biggest step I’ve ever taken and I will not for one second in my entire life time regret the day that I summoned all my strength, courage and grace and left behind a situation that was blackening my soul to its very core.

From there, I embarked on a personal journey of self discovery. I took myself on some tours and travelled around Europe solo. I preceded to meet (and still see to this day) some amazing human beings who showed me what it is really like to live and to witness my own spirit soar. I had never felt as alive as I did when I was wandering the globe and discovering new places with these people. These strangers showed me more compassion and love than either of the two best friends I left behind had ever. They knew I was fragile and a little bit broken but they lifted me up high and to be honest, I haven’t quite come back down yet.

I eventually came back home while still leaving a piece of my heart in Europe, knowing, whether I liked it or not, I was tied to that place forever.

No regrets.

Four months after I had returned home I stumbled across a once in a lifetime opportunity. I applied for and was offered a job as an Au Pair in Switzerland looking after 4 young girls. Now, I must explain… I didn’t go looking for this job, it literally “popped’ up on my screen one day while I was at work and searching for something completely unrelated.     Fate.

Two months later and with my spirits more than flying I landed in Switzerland.
I settled into my new home with ease and there began Ma Vie Suisse…
I was in Switzerland for just under two years.
I knew I was given this unbelievable chance and there was no way I was going to let any little thing tarnish my experiences.
In this time I found my complete person, the person that I continue to try and be true to, day in and day out..
I challenged myself in so many ways and many a hurdle was placed in front of me and I always managed to come out the end smiling. I was in Switzerland after all. Life was amazing.

I visited some of the most magically breathtaking places on earth, places I never imagined existed. I also met and fell in love with my now fiancé J… A highlight beyond compare.
 I have no doubt there will be plenty of posts surrounding my time in Switzerland and the soul searching and soul finding I did. And more than likely lots and lots of photographs.

Returning to Australia in 2010 with J in tow, life has only gotten better. Together we have made our humble abode home.

Tied to Switzerland forever more.

The infamous Introduction

Well this is a scary new world which I am completely eager to get right into.

I’ve been following a few friends and a few new acquaintances in the past few months and this has really sparked a fire in me, a yearning to be able to get down on paper my thoughts and my feelings and my opinions and basically whatever the heck I feel like.

I’m writing this for me, for you, for whomever. If you are willing to read my words, you are welcome in my SPACE.

Expect the unexpected and also the utterly boring. But hey, it’s mine; I can do what I want with it.

This is my story…


  • I am sure the blog title says it all, but I do love a glass of cider in the sun. Chilling out on a lazy Sunday with some of the coolest people in my world, chatting about the good, the bad and the ugly. Its bliss.
  • I read magazines backwards – yep thats rights – I figure they put the best info close to the front and I’m a lover of saving the best till last.
  • I’m obsessed with nail polish; I couldn’t tell you when I last had non painted finger and toe nails – there’s just something about expressing yourself through the colours. Love.
  • Love a scorching hot shower – to the point that body parts turn a nice pinky shade. Showers are my favourite part of the day – It’s my thinking time, my alone time. Most of my routines and lists of daily tasks get made here. (Mentally of course, I’m not sporting a pen and paper in shower.. although, there’s an idea!)
  • Following on the same, warm feeling, I’m a tad obsessed with my lil hottie (wheat bag). Its amazingly helpful if I have a sore tummy, back etc BUT I may use it nearly every single night. It’s the bomb.. No really.. ah-maze-ing.
  • I cannot peel my own mandarins. I am 26 years old and I just cannot do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste and eat one nearly every day, however, someone will always have to peel one for me. I cannot stand the smell of mandarin peel on my hands. Crazy I know,  but fact.
  • I believe every person we meet and have some degree of involvement with fits into one of three categories: Reason, Season, and Lifetime.
    Some people will waltz into your life for a simple reason (be it to fix a tire, reach something on a top shelf etc), and then they are gone.
    Some may be with you for a season, whether it is within a job, while helping you with a project or someone you meet on your travels etc.;
    And some may be lifers. The people who come into your life, initially it could have just been for a reason, or a season, but someone that happens to stick it out for the long haul. None are more or less important; they all play an integral part in forming and shaping who we are. RSL BABY!
  • My dream is to visit the Northern Lights – The Aurora Borealis. To witness something so magical and I’m sure nothing less than breathtaking is a must do for me. It’s on the top of my list of things to do and I’m hoping next year will be the year to have my dream come true.

So, that’s just a few random facts about me and I may or may not re touch on some of those subjects. It’s more than likely considering they made it into my top 8 tidbits to tell.

This is just the beginning..

Let’s go.