Morning, Sunshine!

View from the 38th floor of the Sofitel on Collins, Melbourne. This amazing view is what I woke to on Sunday morning..

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Heading for the wonder land

Rushed post alert but I just couldn’t bring myself to not join in another week. So excuse the ramble aka hummingbird on speed-esque writing this week.

The past week has been super hectic to say the least, hence no posts last week. I was on the killer early morning shift at work and had a million things to do after work, and then trying to force myself to sleep by 10 to be up at 4. It was just one of those weeks where I could not be any gladder to see the back end of.

The weekend came around and that too was so chocker block, but including a lot of fun and laughter. Catching up and spending a really lovely evening and morning with my ever lovely, long time friend Miss LG from Family of Killers. We had a fab night in Melb city, and it was just nice to chill some. Sunday came around with more catch ups and appointments and I am seriously just as exhausted as the last before I even properly start my week.

My running around and endless appointments are not all fruitless though. This time next week we will be packing our bags up from Bangkok and heading to INDIA, New Delhi to begin with.

We will be arriving quite late Monday night and hitting the ground running nice and early Tuesday morning ready to start a wonderful adventure, of this I have no doubt.

I’m not sure just how prepared I am for what I am sure is going to be something completely unforgettable. I have heard so many stories, amazing tales of colours and sounds and buildings and culture, and then of course some not so fabulous stories. Those i’m trying not to think about though. I have had so many vaccinations though, I think, if I do happen to get anything, I’ll be the un luckiest gal on the planet!

I just can’t wait to see it all, to immerse myself in this far away culture, to dance in the street, to eat amazing food and to photograph one of the world’s seven wonders, the Taj Mahal. I have been told that the fog surrounding it can be quite overwhelming, but you know what. I don’t think its going to be possible to ruin the amazement that will be in front of my eyes.

We are also going on a jungle safari which will see us spying some tigers in the wilderness and I believe we also get to ride a elephant at some stage, which although I have done before in Thailand, it will be just as mind blowing the second time, the enormity  of those animals really wows me.

Its going to be a full on 8 days in India and then a few days down time in Bangkok city and then onto the beautiful island of Koh Samui then back to Bangkok for a few more days… then home..

I can’t even imagine what the next 3 weeks has in store for J and I, but I can tell you, I am completely and utterly excited and that’s definitely weighing out the slight trepidation that comes and goes.

Three weeks of seeing things I’ve dreamt of, places that I’ve seen in movies and travel shows and yearned to go to. I’m going to be living it.

I’ve also been scrubbing up on some photography tidbits too, I need to be able to snap it like the best of them. I can only try right?.. Putting that DSLR to good use.

Its going to be around 35-40 degrees Celsius in India, so here is hoping I haven’t melted into a giant puddle and I do actually return at some stage!

I will hopefully be able to whip up a blog post or two and most definitely post photos, I can’t wait to share my stories and photos with you. So very very excited!

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When the world goes silent

If you’ve even been thrown into a completely different country, with a completely different language, this may resonate with you.

In August 2008, I made a leap and moved to Switzerland to be an Au Pair for 4 young girls. It was a decision made on a bit of a whim but one that’s proved forever fruitful.

On days I reminisce, I come across things that I’ve forgotten to think about for a while and it pleases me so, that I have all these wonderful memories and that I can reach into my mind and re live them whenever I choose.

After a most amazing night out on Friday night with some lovely blogging gals the topic came up of learning languages in the car on the way home.

I shared my story with the girls, and now I’m sharing with you.

As mentioned above, I moved to Switzerland in August 2008, into a French speaking region, Lausanne. I had minimal French under my belt due to 3 years ‘learning’ French at high school and my friends and I ALWAYS proclaiming “As if we will ever need this” (well I’ve sure learnt NOT to say/think that again) So, I had about enough as to tell everybody what my name is, that I am an Au Pair and that I like the swimming pool and post office. So as awesome as my 3 sentences were, this didn’t really assist me with understanding or being able to do ANYTHING solo on my own without looking like I was in a game of charades. (I had to explain to someone that I went horse riding on my holidays one day early on in my travels, now you don’t need help with understanding how funny that looked, in the middle of a pub, all eyes on me…)

As you can imagine, the world turned very different, very quickly. I was scared shirtless at the beginning thinking I would most certainly freak out because I hardly knew a single word. How would I ever cope, was the main thought on my mind.

But then it happened… Peace happened, a kind of peace you would never ever think possible happened. The world was quiet..

It was such an enlightening experience, the fact that I couldn’t understand anyone, made life pretty sweet. I had time with my own thoughts, no one to interrupt. I had time to ponder every single thing, in my own time, because I could. I wasn’t subconsciously trying to listen to every conversation around me, as we do here, in our English speaking country, everyday, whether we realise it or not. I was just doing my thing, with only my own thoughts to worry about.

This immense calmness just enveloped me. And I was seriously on cloud 9. I would just wander around the city taking everything in, like I was a child, because I didn’t have words to distract me.

I learnt a lot about myself then, the internal conversations I had with were so amazing and un interrupted, sometimes I dream for that time again. Bliss.

My magically loud yet personally silent world came to a massive halt the day I started understanding. I remember those few weeks where my silent world was loudly interrupted, and it HURT, my brain was constantly buzzing, because I was picking up words here there and everywhere, and concentrating so hard on what the words were. I remember the constant headache I had, how I seemed to shy away from those city visits because it was just exhausting. How I would dream to go back to the apartment and sit there in proper silence because I couldn’t cope with this unnerving noise.

As the days went by this got progressively easier, the headaches subsided and the noise balanced out. This was all a result of it becoming easier to understand French and easier to speak it, it was slowly becoming the normal. It became the same crazy busy world as it is now for me in Melbourne and my silent world, was gone. Forever.

I’ll never forget those early days where I was a stranger in the world, where the silence eased me and soothed my soul, those few weeks I won’t experience again, but they will also, never leave my mind.

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A box of treasure

I’ve been sitting here starring at that blinking curser for god knows how long. The thing is, it’s not writers block, and it’s not for lack of knowing what I want to write about,  Its more the fact, how do I put words down to paper to express exactly what I want to write. How do I explain how it feels when someone you know and someone you love has basically lost their mind and become a shell of their former person.  How does one ever understand or cope with or reason with – Alzheimer’s .

I don’t think I ever could put it into words, so best not I even try.. so instead what I would like to share is this:

My Nanna lives in England, and obviously, I and my family live here in Australia. It’s because of this reason I have loved Christmas and big occasions oh so much. At Christmas time and some Easters and some birthdays, my Nanna came to visit us. My Aunt and Uncle also make the Christmas trip over from whatever country they are in at the time. We would have a massive “proper” Christmas lunch (the only way I know with turkey and pork and ham and lots of roasted veggies and of course my Mums famous TRIFLE *drool*) and then all play cricket and swim in the pool all afternoon. Of course this is Melbourne weather depending!

This was and is my favourite time of the year, ask anyone I know. We all sang together while putting the trimmings on the tree and all famously sat around in a circle while I ceremoniously handed out the gifts..etc etc.

But of course, there was always a time when my Nanna and other family members had to leave, and I would be devastated, especially as a child. Back then, England was universes away, literally impossible to comprehend as a 5/6/7/8 year old.

My brother and I would always write my Nanna a goodbye card, and birthday / Easter card. My mum being the craft teacher/guru she is, must have instilled this trait in us, cards, letters, drawings. You name it, we did it and a lot of the time sent them on to our Nanna along with photos and even sometimes some scratch and sniffs ha ha ha (remember those!)

These cards and letters and the like, I haven’t thought of in a long time… until now.

My mum sent a giant box of things over from my Nanna’s house in England this week, a box full of a lifetime of memories and apparently it’s nothing compared to what my mum and aunt have found.

Turns out, every one of those letters, every one of those photos and every single one of those cards we have sent my Nanna, you guessed it, she has them still. She has kept the most amazing things from our childhood and also my mum’s childhood. She had them all in her bedroom, stored away nicely. I guess to go through on a rainy day and to reminisce about another time.

My mum has sent me a few things, things she thought I would like to see again and things my Nanna won’t be able to comprehend again.

She has even got, and this one made my eyes well up like no mans business, the letter my dad wrote after my brother was born in 1982, expanding on their brief phone call they had (which back then for international would of cost an arm and a leg) telling her about the tests they had done on him as a new born and how he passed with flying colours and how he “the baby is beautiful”. She had that, in her box of goodies, and it made my heart cry out in joy and sink in sorrow within the same breath.

Its amazing that we get to see these things again, but its heart breaking at the same time.

Sometimes it’s hard to think about someone getting old, someone losing their memory, someone losing their former spirit, Alzheimer’s.  But, I am grateful my Nanna is still here. She is living and loving and laughing and although her memory and a few other cognitive processes may be failing, I know she is in there somewhere, the feisty stubborn, big hearted, only ever a skirt wearing woman that we’ve always known and loved….

These are just two of the things I found in the box of never ending, heart warming, treasures.

I would take a guess of the ages I was when I did them, the first I would have been about 7/8 and the second one I would hazard a guess at about 12/11. Don’t worry, I know how to spell AWESOME now!


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On a mission

I have been job hunting and career hunting like a crazy lady, I have been true to my pursuit of “there’s something better out there”. Nothing has been fruitful as yet; however it has not dampened my spirits. I know there is something out there, whether it takes me a few weeks or a few months, i’m going to keep on searching, searching till I find that ‘perfect job’.

The downside to this at the moment is I am analysing everything. Every. Single. Thing. And it’s actually really frustrating me. Yep, that’s right I’m annoying myself.  I hear an add on the radio and I’m thinking to myself,” I wonder if I want to work in radio, I wonder what kind of radio, would I like to be a host or a assistant or..”. Then I see someone drive past me with their own business name scrawled on their car panels, and I’m thinking “I wonder if I should start a home business, what will I call it, I wonder if that names taken”.. And so it goes on and on.

I just can’t seem to switch off from it, which in one way it’s great, as it means I am not being complacent in my pursuit, but it also means, I’m constantly exhausting myself thinking of every little thing and scenario and job possibility.

Maybe I should start looking outside the box, I am yet to consider such things as Lion tamer, Play School presenter, abseiling window cleaner, the list really does go on…..

What would be your ideal job?

Be it extravagant, real life or just something you’ve always dreamed of.

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As Wednesday swings around again I am linking in with Trish and Tina for Wordless Wednesday. But I’m cheating a bit with a few little words….

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week which ties in nicely with R U Ok day tomorrow 13th September. A timely reminder for us all to think outside out own little worlds sometimes and to ask a simple question to those around us. R U Ok? Simple, yet effective. We’ve all struggled from time to time and I’m sure will struggle again in one way or another, and we all need support in those times. Sometimes you feel like you are the only one and crave for someone to just speak/reach out to you. You can be that person. You can make a change, a difference. Just three little words.

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Considering getting this inked on properly.