I LOVE drinking Cider in the sun. This blog title is more than appropriate. It sums up my perfect summers day, which would also include my besties and a checked picnic blanket in a park… with cheese.

My name is Meagan – Im 27 this year and have had a wild ride the past few years. Newly-ish engaged to my Swiss fiancé J,  whom I met in Switzerland while being a 24/7 mama au-pairing for 4 young girls.
We live in the burbs surrounding Melbourne, by the beach. Its cosy, it’s home.

I’ve been an on/off blogger for about 5+ years and not one survived. I have a good feeling about this one.
Recently re-inspired (shout out to Miss LG), Im hoping that this blog gets a full life and can somehow throw out there what words via mouth can just NOT always explain, or they can, but its probably best I don’t say them out loud!

Welcome to my adventures;
The wins, the losses, the rants, possible random recipes and my crazy happy sometimes  insane-ness. My Heart.

Lover of many things, hater of a few.

This is my story.


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