Powerful thoughts.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.

What he thinks, he becomes” – Gandhi

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal frame of mind and how that really shapes how your day turns out 98% of the time. The other 2% being those really uncontrollable things like Woolies running out of your favourite chocolate covered sultanas etc etc which of course will just make you lose your shit. Ha ha. Joking. Although I was a little miffed.

Anyway back on track;

You need to really tune your mind though, you need to make a decision at the time something happens that isn’t generally amazing and then you need to make the conscious decision to go “No, I will not let this negative ruin my day, I will instead realise I cannot do anything to change it and I will be content in that.

I’ve really noticed the now nearly automatic change in my mind set, which has gone from “ohmygodhelpmenow this is a complete MESS” to “Well, can I really CHANGE whats happening right now? Can I really control what just happened” And the reality is, well no. A lot of the time its about rolling with the punches, its about realising that you can’t always change what’s happening, but you can change how you react to it, and then how that reaction will most definitely change the course of your day.

I’ve been practicing this for quite a few months now and I can 100% see the change in myself and in turn the changes in some of those around me daily. And I can’t explain to you how wonderful it is to be so Zen about situations. Its quite powerful as well, to know that just with a change of thought you can really pep yourself up.

I have been so much more relaxed and so much better prepared to be able to deal with some massive things at work, i.e. projects going live and failing and other things that the old me would have lost her mind at, but the new mind set me, just goes “Okay, that’s really rather crap BUT what can we now do to sort it out” Instead of hanging onto the “oh frikin heck, life is over” kind of attitude.

I guess you could say I’ve found some sort of inner piece, a calmness that I haven’t had for a long time as an adult.

Don’t get me wrong, every day and every situation, I’m not going to guarantee I will be keeping Cool Calm and Collected,  however, stopping to think before letting some crazy emotion take over is something that I am and will try to do with everything that fronts itself.

All of the above and just having a more open frame of mind in general have made me decide I want to attend a weekend retreat at a meditation centre here in Melbourne. I have read about them thoroughly, and although I don’t see myself conforming to Buddhism as a whole, I just really like the thought of their practices.

I find the following pretty cool non the less:

About Buddhism – Atisha (11th century Tibetan Buddhist master)

The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

Some of the above points really make me think, and I feel that I could really enjoy learning more about this religion.

So the retreats are held over a weekend, starting on the Friday evening and ending with lunch on Sunday. There is meditation, teaching, free time in the gardens, vegetarian food, quiet, just simple peace and quiet. Sounds amazing doesn’t it ? I’m looking at attending in the next few months, they only have a few on.

If anything, I am just hoping to come back with a bit of a clear mind and maybe, if I’m lucky, some practices in finding this clear mind on a cloudy, hectic, busy day. I can’t wait to tell you all about it !

Have you ever been away on a retreat like the above ? Do other religions interest you?

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24 thoughts on “Powerful thoughts.

  1. wow! sounds definitely intriguing.. I have researched on Buddism and other religions for personal reasons.

    To go away and reconnect with yourself after having children (whether it 1, 2, or 6 children) I think would be benificial for every mother!

    • I find religions really interesting, whether or not I will ever practice them! I don’t even have children, but I think we all need to find that calmness within x

  2. It’s interesting reading the principles, because so many of them are actually in the bible.

    I try to keep calm as much as I can, though it can be hard. Often my greatest cause of stress is thinking of ALL the things I have to do, and getting bogged under. When that upsets me, I just focus on doing one thing NOW, and then the rest after. Small, calm, baby steps. 🙂

    • jess that is so true, stress os due to thinking what you have to do.. but if you take the jobs one by one, it will be OK. Thats what i’ve been focusing on.. one at a time kinda thing xx

  3. I love this post. I have definitely been trying to roll with the punches more. Most people say to me that they are amazed at how calm I always seem… yet I don’t see it that way! I think I just hold it in well. A different mindset will make the inside be a better reflection of the outside perhaps?

    • Thats definitely the key Misha! We have to roll with the punches in this day and age, there’s just so many outer stresses and things that happen beyond our control. I do think if you change your mind it will change your outter person to boot!

  4. I am slowly learning to roll with the punches. It’s never easy sailing but I feel so much better about myself when I stay calm and collected in a heated situation.
    I particularly like “The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.”
    I haven’t been to retreat but I’ve done some one day Buddhism courses. I learnt lots. In fact, I need to get back to daily meditation. When I do it, I feel great.

    • Hi Grace!
      Yes, i think its a learned thing, it doesn’t come so naturally unfortunately. In such a fast paces society we really need to think about it though, else we will all just burn out!
      I’m really looking forward to the retreat!! xx

    • I know I am just chucking myself into it full throttle, I really am so excited though!! You should definitely look into it, if you are in Melbourne let me know and I will share the details on this one! x

  5. I’m very interested in mindfulness, and use it a lot at work (both with clients and on myself!!) I just find that it’s so beneficial and grounding and, even in the smallest and simplest of ways, can be so grounding. Great post!

  6. Wow. Perhaps my fave IBOT post this week! Truer words have not been spoken. I would just love to attend a weekend at a Buddhist retreat, my soul yearns for it. I wish I could be more chilled and always pause to consider my response before turning into a complete psycho, but sometimes the psycho is too quick for me!

    • WOW thanks Kelly!! I loved writing it! I really think if you ever find the time you should do it, well I say that now, maybe wait till i’m back hahah but I am sure its going to be more than amazing. Somedays I struggle with taking that millisecond to think before responsing to situations, but honestly once you “tune” yourself into doing it more often than not, it kind of becomes a HABIT!!! Thanks for dropping in xx

  7. Ohhhh attending the retreat sounds so wonderful and would LOVE to hear about your experience in discovering something new!
    Love your post. It’s all about perspective isn’t it. Change your perspective and everything settles.

  8. Stress is definitely a frame of mind, the way we perceive what is happening around us. We have to remind ourselves that we can make choices, we have control! Cant wait to hear more about the retreat. I’ve been meditating again this past week and the changes it has already made to my daily frame of mind is outstanding. I LOVE IT! Awesome post babe!! xo

  9. I find myself drawn to Buddhism more than other religions and have always wanted to go on one of the retreats they run here in the Perth hills, but life has always got in the way Enjoy your journey!

    • Yes, same, always been much more interested in Buddhism. Most places do day classes and afternoon session. I hope you can find one that you can attend xx

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