Where to ?

I’ve hit one of those dredded, or not so dreaded (depending how you look at it) crossroads. The one where you REALLY have no flipping idea what you want to do. The one where both paths could lead to really amazing things, but, you just really cannot for the life of you decide which way to turn. Fun huh!

I’ve been at my job now for 2.5 years and that’s pretty good considering it was such a fluke to get it, practically walking off the aeroplane and voila, here you go. So I know I was seriously lucky to score such a job. And I was/am still really grateful for being given the opportunity.

However, I’ve had enough now. My role is usually a 2 year thing. There is no real career path I can see stemming from this job, unless I want to move upwards to a more technical role, which I do not, which means I would just have to stay where I am and that doesn’t bode so well with me. I could head into an admin role within the company if one popped up or something along those lines. I know many people would do this and be okay with it. But for me, right now, I feel that I am 27 and I do have a huge lifetime in front of me, surely I should be able to find something I truly like, maybe even love ?

But here within lies the problems;
I don’t KNOW what I want to do. I don’t know what my hearts desire is in terms of career. I feel that at 27 regardless of current job, I should maybe have some idea. To a degree I do, or rather I know definitely what jobs I don’t want. If you started yelling jobs at me I would tell you straight out yes or no,  actually that’s a lie it would more likely be definite NO’s and a few MAYBE’s.

And that’s my other problem, I am a super indecisive character and this can be a massive downfall, especially when it comes to big decisions (and some of the little ones, even choosing  ice cream flavours, how can you ever make a quick decision, serious business right there!) I hate the feeling that I am making the wrong choice. I am terrified in fact. So you can only imagine my dismay when I know I have to, within the next few months or so, make some of those massive decisions.

I don’t HAVE to make these decisions, I’m not on any time frame or deadline with anyone else except myself, but I know I have to make change soon, a change for me, because otherwise I will just become dormant and stay in the same place, just because its easy and comfy, oh  how we all LOVE easy and comfy. But I have to cow prod myself in my own ass, else I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Soooo…It IS time to pull up my socks and really take a good hard think about what I want to do, I know I have a few good years left before kiddlies would come along and I want something that’s going to be feasible for me to do with kids and after kids, ya know!

Beginning from right now, I am starting to flip my way through possible career ideas and anything that sparks even a miniscule flame in my heart, will be written onto a piece of paper, and researched thoroughly.

I know there is an amazing job out there waiting for me, I might not even know what is it yet, but I know I am not destined to be in a role that 20 others can do, I want to make a difference, I want to shine. And that my friends, isn’t too much to ask. Is it ?

Have you any suggestions for me? Have you ever been in this position? 

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14 thoughts on “Where to ?

  1. I think everyone goes through this to a certain extent – and what pressure to know and find your ‘forever’ job. Honestly hon, such pressure! I think we find our road naturally, and its not even always the road we thought we wanted. trust yourself, trust things that appear to be random… regardless you will land on your feet and soar xx

    • Ive come to a crossroads a few times, but nothing that seemed so big, big to me, as in I want to make the right decision for now and the future. But you are right its about trusting yourself and your heart and mind. That takes time to get a grasp on I know.

  2. I’ve been going through that thought too. Although my problem is going back to work. Should I go back to work in what my profession is or something different. I would love to do something different but the time and money to go into training and all will just be to much. Plus the kids makes it difficult. I do sometimes wish I held of from having kids so I could achieve a higher rate in my job but I didn’t. I hope you find your amazing job soon.

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping in !
      Yeah its a crap place to be in, the one where you have no idea what to do.. head versus heart etc etc. I know that I have to make a choice for me right now, and it may seem easier because I don’t have children but the pressure is still there.
      I think we should all be able to do a job we love… not so unrealistic.. is it…

  3. Best advice I was given when I was 26 (almost 27) was when you turn 30 you will completely change your career path!!

    And I did.. and I haven’t looked back!

  4. New to your blog, it looks lovely 🙂
    I am 41, I got into my current job at 24, until I ‘grew up’ and decided what I would be. I am still there, still dream of leaving and making a change.

    If you have itchy feet and fancy a change go for it. I didn’t have the balls and I regret it on a regular basis.

    • Hi Sharron, WELCOME!

      Oh wow, I can’t imagine being in a job for that long! I guess you must love it somewhat though?

      I am really thinking about a future career, because I know if i dont make the change I will be stuck.. and I won’t be happy.. and thats just no good for anyone!


  5. You sound totally like me! I have been where you are! Could not decide what to do. Seem to be good at most things but not fantastic at one thing.
    Have had so many different jobs from admin to Maccas Manager (which is a job I would scream NO at), to primary school teacher to community centre coordinator to youth worker. Some jobs were just opportunities that came about and in the end I realised I could combine my admin skills with my love for working with/empowering people and decided to settle for community development work (any age group but currently youth). And to add to the mix I’m now a mummy AND an emerging artist!
    So yeah still not ONE job for me but a few jobs! And its the happiest I’ve ever been!
    The point of this ramble is, you might not ever know, and that’s ok! OR if it really erks you, write down all your strengths and look for those words in job descriptions when you are searching. Best of luck!

    • WOW Need, sounds like my perfect JOB, I studied counseling after school and I’ve worked in retail, work cover, Nanny’ing, Telstra and now my IT Analyst role.. i’m all over the shop ha ha. I think I just want to find somethign I am content in. Your job sounds really amazing, Community Development sounds like something I could love! I’m going to look into it! I’m not a muma yet, so I ahve a few more years to hopefully find something I love and can also work with after the time. Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂

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