Some time to reflect..

This life isn’t always an easy one, and yes I know, someone is always doing it harder. But I don’t mean specifically for me, I just mean in general. There are always demands; to be like this, speak like that, meet this deadline, pay this bill, be there on time etc etc

 I think its pretty easy to get caught up in the daily grind of things and not take time to reflect and to appreciate.

I’ve not had the smoothest week this week starting with having my car broken into and personal space violated, leading in to one crazy ass day at work followed by learning some horrid unfathomable news about a best friend.. so It’s one of those times I have to make myself stop, sit down, re group and let my mind find some goodness.

So It’s absolutely perfect timing that I should join in with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday..

Today (every day) I am thankful for:

  • My health (so many cold and flu’s going around lately too and I’ve scraped past   without being touched)
  • My safe place – my home – which within resides my more than amazing Fiancé who  is my constant.
  • My Ma and Pa – always there when I need to pop in for a de brief and a hot coffee.
  • My friends – their honesty – their sincerity – their trust – their hearts.
  • My job security – I may not love every minute at the place but I have a job and I am grateful.
  • Laughter – this gets me through near every day,  I am a massive giggle pot.

It’s nice to take the time to jot down even a few reasons to be thankful… now scoot on over and see who else is thankful!


16 thoughts on “Some time to reflect..

    • Thanks for dropping in Rhianna. Sometimes its really hard to be positive but at the end of the day if you can push oneself to be, then you will be better off! xx

    • Yah it wasn’t pleasant but things will get better! They always do. Thanks for allowing me the space to be thankful, joining in with your Thursday delight xx

  1. The gorgeous Meagan, you make my world seem brighter. I am grateful for my friendships, and so very grateful for yours and your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂 Bec xo

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