Quantity VS Quality

I think we all reach that age at some stage where we value quality of friends much much more so than quantity.. Sometimes this happens during the teen ager stage and more often than not this will happen in our 20’s. I am sure sometimes this isn’t the case for some people and the game can go on a lot longer. But there will always be the time that comes where you wake up and go.. Do I really need ‘73’ close friends ? Do I really need to spend every single waking hour texting, calling, organising catch ups.. do I REALLY ?!

The quality over quantity realisation hit me early to mid twenties, about the time I first moved over seas. I didn’t have those bazillion friends to call and text and see every. single. day, and surprise surprise I WAS OK! I still had my few best friends who I kept in regular contact with, but the millions dwindled and that’s when I realised quality over quantity was the way to go.. I was less exhausted too, its quite taxing having to try to keep in daily-ish contact with a hoard of people.

It was also at this stage that It came to my attention that majority of those “friends” were just there ‘because’ .. they didn’t bring anything to the table, at least not for my benefit. A lot of these people were in fact negative influences who didn’t contribute positively to my life what so ever. I mean, don’t get me wrong, its not like I went around on purpose just ditching majority of my friends, it was just my situation changed completely and it was a real eye opener to who were/are the “Lifers” and who were the “Seasonals”.

Now I find myself in my late twenties *cringe* (no offence to anyone, its just saying late twenties really makes me realise, I really AM an adult now..eeek. hold me..) and I have such a perfect balance of friends. ALL of them QUALITY. I have, for lack of better word, ‘weeded’ out the non consistants, the negative nancys, the ones that brought me down more than up and I find myself left with such amazing human beings who are all on my team. The comfort in having these people around and knowing they are all LIFERS is just that, comforting. They are all people from different walks of life who I have met on my journey somewhere along the way and have to whom I have silently yelled out “I need you on my team” and they have submitted to that and willingly taken my hand.. and here we are today.

I value my friendships that I have now, more than I ever thought possible.

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12 thoughts on “Quantity VS Quality

  1. 1. 73 close friends would require many amounts of copious psycho energy. if you have that energy share BITCH!
    2. We are old. imagine when we are thirty. its only a few years away… just sayin xx

    • LOL! the point, dear Delly is, i DIDNT have the energy hahahaa, it was exhausting beyond belief! (and of course i did not exaggerate on the number 73.. AT ALL.. 😉 )

      Dont even say the dirty thirty word.. hahaha.. im scared..

      But, I knw you will be there with me.. to cry xx

  2. I don’t have a huge number of friends at all, and I’m ok with that. To be perfectly honest, my hubby is my best friend so anyone else I catch up with ocassionally is just icing on the cake.
    Thanks for linking today! 🙂

  3. so true. life is short and time is precious so you want to spend the moments with those people that mean something. I don’t have one best friend. I have a few very close friends. This is what was always taught to me… have a few nice and close friends. You are lucky with this x Coming over from #IBOT x

    • Tahlia, no words are more true. We don’t have the time to waste on people who are not positive influences in our life. I think that is one of the biggest life lessons we can learn.
      Thanks for dropping by xx

    • Hi Catherine. YES RSL! My first post even on my blog contains my love of Reason Season Lifetime. I’m so happy others believe this is how it works!!! Thanks for dropping by xx

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