What time is it you ask ? OH, its RANT O’CLOCK !

I feel that I’ve come to this cross path in my life where I just can not any longer stand STUPIDITY. I mean, my job involves dealing with a lot of stupid people and I think I have done reasonably well for the past 2 years in tolerating it.

People who I come into contact with who leave me with the feeling of ‘No really, how in the world did you get a job, let alone a job in HR or Accounts or whatever..Because you don’t even posses basic intelligence’, they are making me mad, and making me question the state of our humanity.

I may be coming across harsh and for that I apologise, but I just don’t think you understand. I’m really not being offensive to the greater population (well maybe I am, but I AM sorry) I’m not saying you have to be super smart Stephen Hawkins style in anything, just don’t be STUPID about it.

I work in a technical environment and I am basically the least technical person there, but I am not stupid. If I don’t know something technical that crops up on my scene I will read up on it, I will query someone on it. I won’t just sit on my caboose pretending I will never need to know that again or just being plain naive about it.

What I witness here day in and day out is just that. People blatantly forgetting they have something lodged between their ears, they basically just want to be spoon fed everything, and that does not bode well with me.

Let’s take for instance;

Subject A)
Now, this guy sat on HOLD for over 35minutes the other day, So while I was dealing with other things I thought, holy heck, the world MUST have blown up, else why would this guy still be waiting for me to get to him. Once I got to him, I can’t explain to you my exasperation when he asked the question “How do I mark all my emails as READ in my inbox”……
Me (through gritted teeth): “You right click on your inbox and “mark All as read”
Him: “OH right, sure, that was easy, thanks”

I’m sure that did not warrant 35 minutes on hold, I’m sure that didn’t warrant making me feel like something massively catastrophic had happened, and I’m sure as hell SURE that didn’t warrant him NOT looking outside the box and or opening a Google page if he really was that LOST! Plain stupidity at its finest.
I could go on about work but I feel the next half change in topic is warranted.

Subject B)
Now, this a few of you would be familiar with, its stupidity of a different sense.. The sense where people post stupid irrelevant, horrid, non thought through, dim witted ANNONYMOUS comments on your blog.. More often than not distasteful and full of rubbish they have generally just made up on the spot without giving any thought of human decency and what repercussions this can sometimes have!

Now we leave our blogs open to these kind of things, as in anonymous comments. But I personally leave this open and always have on all my blogs because some people don’t have blogs but still want to read and should be able to comment thoughtfully and properly on said blog. However, It just never ceases to amaze me that someone can be bothered writing a hate post. How about you don’t bother reading?. How about as soon as you get to the point in the post that you don’t like, you leave! This isn’t rocket science folks.. there is a cross on the top right hand side of most browsers…

People put their heart on their sleeve when they write posts; it’s their space, their little piece of the world that they are delicately choosing to share with people. Don’t go making it a place of bullying any further. We are all humans, all just wanting to get our voice out there, without being hated on. So.. with that said KEEP YOUR NASTY HATER COMMENTS TO YOURSELF FOOLS!

I’m thinking of starting a MANIC MONDAY link up day, where we forget all the lovey bits and pieces and get our RANT on just like this post, because it IS Monday after all, most hideous day of the week.. things only go up from here! With me? Or against me ?


4 thoughts on “What time is it you ask ? OH, its RANT O’CLOCK !

  1. I’m with you on stupid people and anonymous comments. Stupid people are hard to stop – there are just too many of them. Anonymous commenters – I go back to “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – and if you want to say something horrible and nasty, at least own it by leaving your name and don’t hide behind being anonymous !!
    Think Monday rants a great idea – if only to rant about it being Monday !!!

    • Yes yes yes!!! If you are gunna have the audacity to post something horrid then atleast back yourself up with some guts and leave your name! Agreed!!
      Once i figure all the link ups, we are going to hit Manic Monday like raging bulls!!! Xx

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