Forever a lover of . . .

I love meeting new people, like no joke, LOVE it.

I love the listening to new stories and hearing about other worlds that are not so familiar to me/mine.

I love new people’s stories and journeys and how said person has got to be where they are today.

Everyone has an amazing story, something to offer to the table and it’s always a breath of fresh air for me to listen to them. Not in a sticky nose way, don’t get me wrong here. Its more, I really love hearing about the big moments in people’s lives just as much as the small ones. I love knowing what makes people tick, what makes them love and hate and what they do love and hate..It makes me think and really opens my eyes to the fact there is always so much more going on outside my little bubble.

This is possibly another reason for why I love blogging and reading blogs. I love being able to share my stories to some who have never heard and I love to read stories of those I have yet to as yet.

In life generally, we pick people who are similar to us and who we share things in common with. But I really enjoy hearing about things I myself may not actually experience or have yet to experience or will not have the guts to put myself out there enough to experience them.

I  did meet some really cool new folks this weekend and it really got me thinking, and obviously inspired this blog post. The all had some really unique stories to tell and I found myself glued to a seat just listening and begging them to go on.

So reading and talking and listening are my favourite things to do, peoples stories inspire me daily, not always because they may have hit some ultimate high, but even the lows inspire me, and change my perspectives and help shape who I am. So thank you to all I have met and to all I’m yet to meet. Your stories are important to me.

Tell me something random about yourself?  Let’s open the flood gates. I’m so excited!


1 thought on “Forever a lover of . . .

  1. one of my favourite things to do is….
    After my daughter has gone to bed and my husband is on night shift, I absolutely love love love to curl up on the recliner with my blanket, a hot chocolate and watch scifi. Nerdy I know, but its the only time i get to watch it in peace and not be teased about it!

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