Ain’t nothing gonna’ break my stride..

Five years ago…

My life and my journey all seemed to take off dramatically when the decision was made between my two best friends and me to travel overseas.

We decided to do the whole cliché move to London shebang, with a pit stop in Thailand for a few weeks to head back to the grass roots of it all before throwing ourselves into the hustle and bustle of London living.

“Our” Journey turned sour reasonably early on (Thailand) with lots of home truths sprouting their way out of my two so called best friends. I sat back and watched them both contort into two complete monsters, leaving nothing left of the former them I knew and loved.
This went on for a few more gruesome weeks before anything changed; I didn’t have the strength and guts before this time to take the step that I knew needed to be taken. After a few more hardships and fights and many tears shed I took the plunge and left.
By plunge I mean I bawled my eyes out till I had no more tears left and my mascara had 100% made it down to my neck and boarded a train for north England where I knew I had a friend I could turn to.

That was the biggest step I’ve ever taken and I will not for one second in my entire life time regret the day that I summoned all my strength, courage and grace and left behind a situation that was blackening my soul to its very core.

From there, I embarked on a personal journey of self discovery. I took myself on some tours and travelled around Europe solo. I preceded to meet (and still see to this day) some amazing human beings who showed me what it is really like to live and to witness my own spirit soar. I had never felt as alive as I did when I was wandering the globe and discovering new places with these people. These strangers showed me more compassion and love than either of the two best friends I left behind had ever. They knew I was fragile and a little bit broken but they lifted me up high and to be honest, I haven’t quite come back down yet.

I eventually came back home while still leaving a piece of my heart in Europe, knowing, whether I liked it or not, I was tied to that place forever.

No regrets.

Four months after I had returned home I stumbled across a once in a lifetime opportunity. I applied for and was offered a job as an Au Pair in Switzerland looking after 4 young girls. Now, I must explain… I didn’t go looking for this job, it literally “popped’ up on my screen one day while I was at work and searching for something completely unrelated.     Fate.

Two months later and with my spirits more than flying I landed in Switzerland.
I settled into my new home with ease and there began Ma Vie Suisse…
I was in Switzerland for just under two years.
I knew I was given this unbelievable chance and there was no way I was going to let any little thing tarnish my experiences.
In this time I found my complete person, the person that I continue to try and be true to, day in and day out..
I challenged myself in so many ways and many a hurdle was placed in front of me and I always managed to come out the end smiling. I was in Switzerland after all. Life was amazing.

I visited some of the most magically breathtaking places on earth, places I never imagined existed. I also met and fell in love with my now fiancé J… A highlight beyond compare.
 I have no doubt there will be plenty of posts surrounding my time in Switzerland and the soul searching and soul finding I did. And more than likely lots and lots of photographs.

Returning to Australia in 2010 with J in tow, life has only gotten better. Together we have made our humble abode home.

Tied to Switzerland forever more.


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